Burn Fast
UK Tour CD
self released, no label

March, 2006

100 copies with grey inserts in plastic envelope style sleeves.


In December of 2005 after Beverly was no longer with us, we already had a tour of the UK in the works and NOTHING with the 'new' lineup recorded to take with us! We immediately set out to write/record something that we could release before this tour in March 2006. I had not done any singing and/or writing lyrics etc, it all had to be figured out and fast. So we hunkered down and just did it... and this was the result! Pretty much documents where we were at, and put up against the material on "Terminal Dawn" it shows we were just getting our feet on ground with this new arrangement. We got better and more comfortable with the 2 piece arrangement with the touring we did after this release.

As far as the tunes- some were songs we had been working on before, and reworked- some were written specifically for things. Like "Hellbender" was a UK punk style tune, I came in and was like "hey man, let's write one for the UK!" so we did, and when we got over there it was a song most people dug off the record so that was interesting! "Remember...." seems to be the track that was the biggest 'hit' off this record, a super catchy tune that William wrote, total Hellhammer style riffage, and I took some words from a bumper sticker I saw, added and manipulated them around, and we had a tune. Regarding the rest, well, who cares- BURN FAST!!!

The last two tunes on the 8 track UK tour CD (it has two other songs not on the "Burn Fast" 45) are "White Sirens" and "Reigns", which we'd recorded for a compilation 2x45 set that was supposed to come out on some label in Richmond. So we gave them to him, it never ended up coming out. These two songs ended up being re-recorded and are on the "Terminal Dawn" LP now.

Track listing:

Burn Fast

Future Dust
White Sirens