Just got done with a 10 day Battletorn get together in NYC- we played three shows up there which were a blast and we also got to practice and work on some new material! A couple new records are in the works, will probably record later in the year and have them out early next year- details will follow!



Oh man, it's crazy how time flies! I guess there was no entry made on here after the Japan trip, which is probably because our minds were TOTALLY blown by the whole experience! We can't even begin to thank everyone who helped out with that tour enough... Tatsuzo from MGT, we could NOT have done it without you! And Reo from MARUBULLMEN, Kenji from MGT, all of MGT and MARUBULLMEN bands were just such great helps and amazing people- we had a LOT of fun on that trip! I posted some photos of the tour on our myphotoalbum.com pages, check them out via the links over on the left somewhere!

And please be sure to check out both these bands, and ALL the bands we played with - google any of those names you see on the flyers from Japan and check out some sick new tunes! We had the pleasure of playing with some greats- thanks to ALL the following bands: MGT, MARUBULLMEN, ABIGAIL, FASTKILL, MAD MANIAX, SHOOTMASTER, BACKSTAB, SLIGHT SLAPPERS, NO VALUE, VIVISICK, LIFE, SK8NIKS, COMPLETED EXPOSITION, TONE DEAF, CRUCIAL SECTION, AGGRESSION,

And also thanks to all the people who came out to those shows in Japan and that we met along the way! That's part of the most fun for us is meeting new people, seeing your beautiful country, having some GREAT food over there. We are very grateful- so thank you again.

Tonight when I got off work William and I had a quick conference call to talk about what was next on the horizon.... and there are some plans cooking for now to get together in August to write/record some new material. A couple labels have offered and may do singles for us, and we are kind of gung ho on the idea of releasing a 12" EP too- gotta follow in the footsteps of our forefathers SSD and do a 12" at some point! "Get it Away" is one of the best 12"s ever, so we could never match it, but we can be inspired by it! Haha....

Anyways, we're not done, just takes a little while longer to get things together with that 1,000 mile divide between members now. However, since there seems to be a Chinatown bus that runs from NYC to Nashville non-stop (15 hours/$70 roundtrip), we're hoping to get this thing on track to pump out some new thrash tunes in the very near future.

Stay tuned, and have a cool summer if you can. It's hotter than hell here down south!



The countdown has begun! We are gearing up for the trip, and can't wait to go see our friends in Japan! Wanted to post links to the two bands we'll be playing with there, the bands who helped set up this whole thing! MGT has two sites, first check out their MGT myspace page- it has MP3's, and they have another official page too: MGT official page. And here is the link to the MARUBULLMENT site, they set up a bunch of the shows too and they totally kill so check it out MARUBULLMEN offical page !

In other news, the first pressing of 500 copies of the "Terminal Dawn" CD is totally gone! Well, I shouldn't say 'sold out' yet, but sold out from us at least! The copies that went to distributors will go out into stores at the end of the month, so you can find them there, and we sent a bunch to Japan, but they're all 'out there'! So that was great! And all the copies of the tour split and the few extra Japan tour shirts we'd saved for our US friends are gone too, so if you snoozed, sorry!

Lastly, there is a 'Japan Tour Edition' of the "Terminal Dawn" LP I have put together- it comes with a hand made OBI strip and a large 18"x24" poster- there are 30 of them and all are going to Japan! Here's a picture of how that came out, and that was basically the last of those LPs- I think I have like 10 left after that!

And here is a flyer that Reo from MARUBULLMEN did for tour that lists all the venues, and final lineup information about the shows:

Lastly- we are going to do a Japan tour warm up gig on March 11th at our usual haunt the ROCK STAR BAR in Brooklyn before we fly out! Don't know what other bands will play but we'll keep you posted on that!

See you soon!



Happy New Years to everyone! We got in the CD version of "Terminal Dawn" last week, so that is available for ordering now! It is limited to 500 copies- and features the six songs from the "Burn Fast" EP as a bonus on here! Those six songs were remixed/remastered with Colin Marston last summer before I moved out of NYC, so they sound even more raging than the first time! The CD is $8 (plus $2 postage in the US) so $10 ppd., and it will be a little more for international orders. Go to the ordering page link to see info on how to order from us directly. Also has some new packaging which differs slightly from the LP, you can see some of it below!

Also, we have the Japan tour 45s in, but it's going to be a couple weeks before those are ready to go out! That release all has to be hand assembled, so it's going to be a bit more time before all that can happen. But those should be ready soon, and they will be $5 each, limited to 200 copies and most are going to Japan with us, so anyone else who wants one let us know if you haven't already.

And here is the latest update on the Japan tour information! We're playing with some great bands, we're very excited about this tour!!!

"No Mercy Attack!" Japan Tour 2008

3/15 (Sat) Sendai @ Birdland w/ MARUBULLMEN, MAD MANIAX,


3/20 (Thurs, holiday) Osaka @ Pipe 69 w/ MGT, SK8NIKS, COMPLETED EXPOSITION,

3/21(Fri) Kochi @ Chaotic Noise w/ MARUBULLMEN, AGGRESSION,

3/22 (Sat) Nagoya @ Imaike Huck Finn w/ MARUBULLMEN, ADA MAX,




So here's the latest update on our shows in Japan, and the split 45 with MGT is in motion! Both bands have recorded, and we hope to have it mastered and sent to press very soon! Also, we're getting together in Brooklyn to make the tour shirts in January- so we're doing another show while we have the chance- it will be January 18th at Glasslands in Brooklyn!

"No Mercy Attack!" Japan Tour 2008

3/15 (Sat) Sendai @ Birdland w/MARUBULLMEN


3/20 (Thurs, holiday) Osaka @ Pipe 69 w/MGT, SK8NIKS, COMPLETED EXPOSITION, & TONE DEAF

3/21(Fri) Kochi @ Chaotic Noise w/MARUBULLMEN

3/22 (Sat) Nagoya @ Imaike Huck Finn w/MARUBULLMEN, ADA MAX,NK6,NO MARIS,ANALIZER




Been about 4 months since the last update.... figured we'd save it for something BIG today on Halloween!!! After years of talking about how it was one of our main goals as a band to do this, we have some very exciting news: BATTLETORN will be going over to do a 6 date tour of Japan in March of 2008! Thanks to Tatsuzo of MGT (a great thrash punk band from Tokyo), and Reo of MARUBULLMEN (another amazing thrash band from Tokyo) the dates are being booked and this is going to happen! The tentative schedule is below:


"No Mercy Attack!" Japan Tour 2008

3/15(sat) @ Sendai w/MARUBULLMEN
3/20(thu,holiday) @ Osaka pipe69 w/MGT
3/21(fri) @ Kochi w/MARUBULLMEN
3/22(sat) @ Nagoya w/MARUBULLMEN
3/23(sun) @ Tokyo moon step? w/MARUBULLMEN & MGT

To commemorate this tour, we are doing a split 45 with MGT! Both bands are recording new exclusive tracks in November, and this tour 45 will be released in an edition of 200- most of which will be taken over to Japan and sold on the tour given to distros/stores, whatever. But we will keep some copies for mailorder, so if you want one drop us a line soon!

While I (Omid) am back up in NYC in November, we decided to set up a show to keep up the chops- so here's the info on that. It will be with our best metal friends VILLAINS, who we are very excited to be playing with again! Also on the bill are TOMBS, who we've never gotten to play with, William's other band HOCHSTEDDER, and also Staten Island death metalers ENTHRALLED! It will be at our usual haunt the ROCK STAR BAR in Brooklyn and starts at 9 PM sharp!


Played the farewell to NYC show last night at Rock Star Bar- with some of our best friends in the NYC 'music world'. Jesse (from HWLTW) did his one man band VISHANTI, then ROXY PAIN jammed out which was awesome to see Kayrock, Wolfy, OJ and Mike rock on this eve, next was William's other band HOCKSTEDDER with Dave (ex-HWLTW) and John (ex-GFM)- that was killer too!

The highlight was a reunited (for this show only) PROWLER- who destroyed! We love these guys (and gal)- Orin, Rob, Zach, Tom, and Courtney totally killled it!

And then it was time for BATTLETORN to play. We hit the 'stage' and did 7 songs as a two piece, and then Beverly came up and we did 5 songs from the first LP which ruled. It was great to play with her again and felt like it brought things back to complete the path. There was total mayhem in the crowd- some people in strange lingere dancing... it was everything we could have wanted for a farewell to NYC show!

Thanks to DJ TEETH for spinning the tunes, everyone who came and hung out, and thanks the herds of random and very fashionable ladies who seemed to swarm the place last night for reasons unbeknownst to us!

BATTLETORN isn't over, we'll just be separated by 1000 miles and shows will be less frequent. If a cool tour offer or show offer comes in we'll do it, otherwise we'll meet up when we can to play random dive bars wherever and whenever we can, because after all that's what we do best!

And also, the "Terminal Dawn" LP is over 3/4 sold out, we only did 500 numbered copies and are down to less than 100- so if you want one grab it from us or a mailorder/store near you!

Until next time......


Soooo.... we survived the "Terminal Tour"! Two dudes in a Ford Taurus for almost a month driving close to 10,000 miles- it was epic! We got to see/play with a lot of great bands (and play with our bros MIDNIGHT for 9 shows!), we met a lot of great people, and over all it turned out great! Response to the LP has been amazing, good feedback from those who have gotten their evil hands on it, and even favorable reviews in the 'press' too!

The latest BATTLETORN news is that we are playing our farewell to NYC show on June 16th w/ the only band in Brooklyn who we would want to play this show with because they are some of the best friends we have in this so called town: ROXY PAIN. And our brutha PAT D aka DJ TEETH will be spinning some tunes, the show will be FREE. It's at the ROCK STAR BAR on the corner of South 5th/Kent. Basically it goes like this, at the end of June, 1/2 of BATTLETORN (me, Omid) will be moving down South, while the other half ( that would be William) will be staying in NYC. We aren't calling it quits, but will just get together to do what we can when we can and take tour/show offers as they come. But there will be no more playing three or four shows a month in Brooklyn, those days are done. It's been a fun 3 1/2 year run, two LPs, 3 singles, and a lot of damage... we appreciate the support!

And lastly, for those who care to read, we are in the new issue of METAL MANIACS this month- a nice 3 page spread courtesy of Nathan Birk! It came out pretty coo. So if you find your self in a Barnes & Noble looking at mags check it out- it's the August 2007 issue with NEUROSIS on the cover.


The "Termnial Dawn" LP is here and ready for ordering, it came out GREAT-done in a limited edition of 500 numbered copies in a gatefold sleeve PLUS the first 100 copies come with a big 18"x24" poster too!

It's $12 ppd in the USA and overseas write for quote, it's a bit more since postage will be more!

And here is the final info on the tour- all dates are confirmed and listed below as of today, but if you want please check our myspace page for up to date information from the road if anything changes! See you out there!




4/27/07 Wilmington, NC - Soapbox Laundro Lounge w/ MIDNIGHT, GOLLUM -CONFIRMED

4/28/07 Atlanta, GA - Drunken Unicorn w/ MIDNIGHT, BRASS CASTLE, CELEPHAIS - CONFIRMED

4/29/07 Tampa, FL - Transitions *early show- starts at 3 PM* w/ MIDNIGHT, MEHKAGO N.T., FLYING SNAKES, CAEDO ERUS, AGHORI- CONFIRMED

4/30/07 New Orleans, LA - Green Space w/ MIDNIGHT, LET ME CRAZY - CONFIRMED

5/1/07 Houston, TX - White Swan w/ MIDNIGHT, PLF, DEATH OF A TYRANT - CONFIRMED


5/3/07 Dallas, TX - Red Blood Club w/ MIDNIGHT & UNIT 21- CONFIRMED


5/5/07 - Drive day, hang out somewhere in west TX on Cinco de Maio

5/5/07 - Saugus, CA - at private birthday party/jam for Robby from BITCH - w/ BITCH and other CA metal legends!


5/8/07 San Francisco, CA - Hemlock Tavern w/ POPULATION REDUCTION + TBA - CONFIRMED

5/9/07 Oakland, CA - Uptown w/ WALKEN, CALIFORNIA LOVE - CONFIRMED

5/10/07 - Drive day up the CA coast, maybe hit a beach or stop by Humbolt County or somethin.....

5/11/07 Portland, OR - Satyricon w/ THRONES, TREES + DJ Wroid Wrage - CONFIRMED

5/12/07 Seattle, WA Comet Tavern w/ WORMWOOD + more TBA - CONFIRMED

5/13/07 Drive day through MO.

5/14/07 Minneapolis, MN - Memory Lanes 'Punk Bowl' night- we play on the lanes while people bowl! w/ AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER - CONFIRMED


5/16/07 Iowa City, IA - The Picador w/ CAPTAIN YONDER- CONFIRMED

5/17/07 Chicago, IL - The Note w/ TBA - CONFIRMED

5/18/07 Detroit, MI - Trumbull Theatre @ 4208 Trumbull St. (on the corner of Willis) w/ REAPER + more TBA - CONFIRMED

5/19/07 Cleveland, OH - Now That's Class! w/ NO PEACE + YEARS OF STEEL (featuring Sandy from SACRED FEW and Gillz from BOULDER!)- CONFIRMED



Made some updates to the site today- added a bunch of pictures of misc stuff to the discography section for those who are interested in that sort of thing! The tour is shaping up, we now have confirmed dates ALL over the country though there are still some gaps to fill in! Watch for updates on final schedule very soon!


So everything is on track- the "Terminal Dawn" LP is at the pressing plant, the test pressings sound great- we're really happy with how it came out! We're planning a US tour right now, filling in a few more dates- but the first week is with the mighty MIDNIGHT from Cleveland, and then we go out west on our own and come back through the middle! Hope to see you all soon!


Happy new years to all! "Terminal Dawn" was recorded at beginning of December, and was sent off this week to be cut for a vinyl release on MAD AT THE WORLD in late March or April! We're planning a US tour with MIDNIGHT if all goes as planned it will be in late April or early May! What else is there to say? We will be playing a slew of local gigs to get our set down tight for the tour, so come out and hang out if you want! Later!


Man, it's been a while- time flies! We've been taking a break from playing live and have been practicing/writing every week for the new LP, "Terminal Dawn"! We had a sit down with MAD AT THE WORLD this week to iron out plans, and all is set for it's release on the label next spring- so that rules! We've been really happy with things with the MATW guys, and look forward to doing this with them. Also, this magazine called MASS MOVEMENT in the UK did an interview with us, click on here to check it out, and look at the rest of their site if you get a chance, they have some great stuff on there!

Oct 21st (Sat) Rock Star Bar...We haven't played NYC in almost 4 months to the day, it's the longest break we've ever taken from playing live! Our 100th BATTLETORN show was supposed to happen last month, but it was cancelled- so this will be the 100th show! Here's the numbers: 100 shows x 10 minutes = a celebration of 1,000 minutes of thrash! And what better way to do it than with two of our BRO bands- the local spacedrone kings GROWING & and up to do a one off show in Brooklyn- the GA heavies HARVEY MILK! Basically 'the rest' of the MEGABLADE roster (with the exception of EARTH) will be playing this night! We're gonna clean out the BATTLETORN vault for this one, so come one come all and we'll give anyone who wants one a free LP/CD or poster or whatever we have- and we're hoping to make some cool shirts for the gig too!


Well, the "Burnin' Down South" tour with TRIAC was killer! Lots of fun shows, great to play with a band that we loved to hear every night, those guys TOTALLY rip! Played some crazy places, like a hot shed out back of a cool punk house in Tallahassee, the Richmond sauna show was fun, the Tampa Skatepark ruled, and the clubs were cool too- Lenny's with CELEPHAIS on the 4th, and the show with DOUBLE NEGATIVE in Raleigh was ruling! So now we're gonna settle in for some actual 'practicing' (did I just say that!?!?) and write some new songs for the next release! See you soon!


Oh man, been a while since this site was updated! I got a new computer and haven't had a chance to put the website and program on it, so I had to set up the old one to post this update! Well, it's a pretty important update- we're leaving Friday for a tour through the south with TRIAC, which we're totally pumped for!! Been a lot of planning, but these are the final dates listed below:


July 1st (Sat) Jerkstore, Baltimore, MD. w/ TRIAC, FIGHT AMPUTATATION, DEEP SLEEP

July 2nd (Sun) House show- 231 S Laurel St., Richmond, VA w/ TRIAC, SKARP, AGNOSIS, ARGENTO AGENDA

July 4th (Tues) Lenny's, Atlanta, GA w/ TRIAC, CELEPHAIS

July 5th (Wed) House show- Tallahassee, FL w/ TRIAC, two local bands TBA

July 6st (Thur) Transitions Art Gallery, Tampa, FL w/ TRIAC, BY THE END OF TONIGHT, BUXTON

July 7th (Fri) The Spot, Charlotte, NC. w/ GOD'S TEMPLE OF FAMILY, CRUCIBLE OF THE DAMNED

July 8th (Sat) Raleigh, NC. w/ DOUBLE NEGATIVE

Please come out and check out the gigs if you live in any of these towns, we're real excited to be coming down south! And after the tour, we're gonna spend the fall writing a new record... tentatively titled: "Terminal Dawn".


We're back from the UK, it was a blast!! KAMIKAZEE are amazing, it was cool to play with them every night! And we met and saw a lot of other great bands/people, so all in all it was a total success! I hope to have the tour pix and a little write up about it to post on here soon! In the meantime, the "Burn Fast" 45 hit the streets on April 14th, so check it out if you want! We're gonna be playing a few more local shows this summer, and are seeing about our Southern tour- but want to give ourselves some time to hang and write a few new jams too! Alright!


Hello hello! Well, in the last month in a half- all the plans discussed below have come to fruition!! We are leaving for the UK next week for the tour with KAMIKAZEE which we're totally pumped about!! This is gonna be a sick 8 days of thrashin' in the UK, and we are looking forward to playing and hanging with some folks from the land of some of the finest fast music ever!!!

Next, the "Burn Fast" single on Mad At The World Records is out, though the official 'street date' isn't until April 14th. Click on the link above to check out their site and order it! We're really excited about working with this label- I mean, we're in the company of GREATNESS as far as the roster goes. Some of the classic shit they've reissued is insane, and they have some great current bands too- check out DERIDE from Japan sometime! Thanks to Dan & Asim from MATW for making this single happen, and especially that it got done in time for the tour!

There are new UK tour shirts that we'll have at the shows, a tour CD we made up with all the new tracks we recorded, and get this.... KAMIKAZEE & BATTLETORN split cassettes!!! Yes, it's true! These guys actually had tapes made, which seals the deal on teh fact that they are the most rulingest band in the world right now! Check out the label that released it here, it's called Feast of Tentacles. They also put out the KAMIKAZEE/ARMY OF ROBOTS split, which is another band we're playing with over there.


Happy new years to everyone! We have a bunch of new songs written, and we're getting them down tight to go in and record with Colin at Paincave Studios in Brooklyn in early February. Six of these songs are going to released on a single/ep called "Burn Fast" on MAD AT THE WORLD RECORDS based out of NYC. This is a great label that has put out some killer stuff like OUT COLD and reissued some classic NYHC bands like NIHILISTICS, MAJOR CONFLICT, and UBRAN WASTE. We're real excited to be doing a record with them! Juan is working on the newest drawing of Korgull down in VA, and we're hoping to have this single out by the time we go over to the UK.

There are a couple local live shows coming up, and we're going down to DC/Baltimore with DRUGS OF FAITH and PROWLER, which should be a fun trip! Then, in April is the trip to the UK to tour with KAMIKAZEE! We booked this tour with these guys, well, they really took care of biz from over there to be honest (Shaun rules!), but anyways, we'd never even heard them since they'd not yet recorded anything. But last week their first recording session was finished, and it's SICK! They have songs up on their myspace web page, check them out if you can! See ya later!


So there's been some news and changes here.... first off- as of the end of November, Battletorn is no longer a three piece. There were some good times, headbanging, 73 shows, 2 singles, an LP/CD, and lots of amazing memories, but it has come to an end. We wish Beverly all the best. The Battletorn 'thrash duo' (William and Omid) is busy writing a slew of new material and preparing for the next wave.

There will be no live shows until next year, the first will probably be in Feb sometime. Then, in April of 2006, we are planning the KAMIKAZEE vs. BATTLETORN: UK Thrash War Tour! The specific cities/venues will come soon, but it looks like we'll be there for a week from April 7-14th. And the tour of the southern US will be postponed until early next summer.

Happy holidays to all from Battletorn! Thanks to everyone for their thrashin' support, and we'll see ya soon!


Wow... it's been a couple months since the last update, time flies!! Anyways, here's the latest, we are still here, alive and well in NYC! We're playing around town a lot, and are in the process of booking our "Southern Chains" tour of the beautiful southern US in Spring 2006. We have some of it tentatively booked, but could use help in some other towns.

Most of these dates are not set in stone, so we are still flexible with dates/towns. This was just a perliminary gameplan! If you book shows, have a band and live in the south and/or want to set up a show to play together- please see below for our tentative dates and see if you can help on any of these! If you can, please email us at this email address we set up for the tour battletorntour@yahoo.com

So yeah.... and after this, we are planning to go to the UK for the "Thrash War 2006 Tour: Battletorn vs. Kamikazee"!!! These great guys in Kamikazee are helping us get over the pond, so that is being sorted out for probably April/May 2006! We'll let you know as it develops!



So our album is out now! The release party was fun, thanks to those who came out to thrash with us! I have put up a TON of photos from our tour that Walter (GunsFireMayhem) gave us, you can check them out via this link:


Two days until the LP/CD is on the streets!

We're having our record release party on Thursday, September 15th at The BEAST, the weekly metal party held at Subtonic (in the basement of Tonic, 107 Norfolk St in Manhattan)- it's free and it's gonna be fun!


On Tuesday, September 13, 2005.......

EVIL CHAINS will bind!!!!!

Our debut LP on MEGABLADE records will hit the streets on the LP & CD formats! Stay tuned for details on what will happen next!

We made it home from our US tour, it was a blast! Thanks to GUNSFIREMAYHEM for the tour, Anna for everything, the venues, houses, and all who came out and thrashed with us, we had fun and it was great to meet ya'll! We have some merchandise left that we hope to have for sale through here very soon.


Here are the final tour dates!

Come out and rage with us if you live in any of these towns!

Battletorn/Guns Fire Mayhem: Summer 2005

June 16th (Thur)– NYC @ Cake Shop (Federation X, Shellshag, Battletorn, GFM)

June 18th (Sat)– Philadelphia, PA (Mike from GFM has the info, it keeps getting changed around!)

June 19th (Sun)– Akron, OH @ 267 South Portage Path house, in Akron, OH
Other bands: Dirty Lords and Goodbye Ohio.  Show up by 8 pm; veggie food will be served.  Show starts at 9 pm.  $3/door, all ages.  Call 330-252-1920 for info, ask for Nathan or anyone else in the house

June 20th(Mon)- Cleveland, OH @ Grogg Shop (w/ Midnight, Battletorn, GFM, Tussle, and Dr. Bitch) 2785 Euclid Heights Blvd., Cleveland Heights, OH. Show up: Jamie will let you know. Doors at 9 pm, $6/door.

June 21st (Tues)- Columbus, OH @ The High Five (www.highfivebar.com, 1227 N. High Street, corner of Fifth & High).  Check their web site for more info.

June 22nd (Weds)- Grand Rapids, MI @ the DAAC (www.thedaac.org.  115 S. Division, Grand Rapids.  Arrive at venue at 7 pm.  $5/cover.  Also on the lineup: Thejewfux (offensive female-fronted thrash), The Offbeats (local punk/ska)  and Hell or Highwater (pop punk).

June 24th (Fri)- Chicago, IL @  Needle House (3259 S. Union, Chicago, IL.  Starts at 7 pm.  . W/ Raise the Red Lantern, Wolf and Cub.

June 25th (Sat)- Milwaukee, WI @ Riverwest Commons (www.locust-street.com/thecommons, 815 E. Locust.  414-372-9656).  (another Mike GFM show, no info yet, guess we'll know when we get there!)

June 28th (Tues) - Minneapolis, MN @ The Alamo House (1101 26th Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414.  Showtime @ 7 pm W/ Sound Salvation $3

June 29th (Weds)– Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews (www.vaudevillemews.com, 212 4th Street, Des Moines, IA).  Doors open at 6:30pm, $5, all ages.  Line up: Battletorn, GFM, Creepy Kids (local punk rock), Total Outright Dissent (local crust punk).

June 30th (Thur)– The AMP @ Minot, ND. W/Crawling Inward and one other touring band. www.ampminot.com. Address: in the old Mr. Wish Building on 106 South Main Street. Contact: Billy Luetzen, 701-838-0485. Show starts at 7 pm, $3/door, all ages

July 1-3rd : campground and parking lot shows in undisclosed locations.

July 4 (Mon)- Seattle, WA @ The Firebreathing Kangaroo (6272 Ellis Avenue South.  Show starts at 6 pm.  Other bands on the lineup: The Black Box and Gods Among Men)

July 5 or July 6th -  hopefully a last minute show at a rest area or something!

July 7 (Thur)- Portland, OR @ Food Hole (20 NW 3rd Avenue.  Show starts at 10ish.  Door: $5.  Opening band: Rabbits)

Friday July 8th – travel day

July 9 (Sat)– Los Angeles, CA @ The Cocaine (www.thecocaine.com.  366 E. 2nd Street, in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles.  All ages, $3/door)

July 10th (Sun)– San Francisco, CA @ Studio Z W/ Shield Your Eyes. www.studioz.tv. 314 11th Street (basically 11th and Folsom), next door to Paradise Lounge and across the street from Slim’s, in San Francisco, CA. 8 pm, $4, 21+ show

July 11th (Mon)– SF lurking day!

July 12th (Tues)– San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern (www.hemlocktavern.com.  1131 Polk Street, in between Post & Sutter, one block east of Van Ness Ave., about 2 blocks north of the Great American Music Hall.  $7/cover, 21+.  w. Kreamy Lectric Santa.)

July 13th (Wed) – Los Angeles, CA @ Anarchy Library (www.theanarchylibrary.com, 21+ only, 13250 Woodruff Avenue, Downey (LA), 562-803-9134.  Lineup: Brothers From Another 11.15, Battletorn 10:30, Sugarpuss 9:45, GunsFireMayhem 9 pm, TBA band 8:15).  Door price TBA.

July 14th (Thurs)– hanging out in California!

July 15 (Fri)- Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman (www.924gilman.org, with P.D.A. opening.  9:30 show.  $6/door)

July 16 – drive fast to Denver!

July 17 (Sun) - Denver, CO (Thrash Maniacs Festival- 15th Street Tavern)

July 18th- head home!


Alright, here's the latest. We've got the album mastered, we're working on getting packaging done, and in to Megablade for release!

We leave for tour in 2 weeks! Can't wait to get out there, we'll see you soon! Alright, that's all for now!


So this weekend was busy to say the least! The BATTLETORN debut full length which will be titled "Evil Chains" was recorded at In The Junkyard studios in Brooklyn, to analog tape! The mixes are being passed to all involved to check out, and hopefully it will be mastered and rolling out soon! And we also had that crazy show Saturday with Midnight that ruled!


Brace yourself, this one is gonna be ugly.


So the US tour dates for the first leg of the summer thrash attack are in! Some gigs are still being worked out, but many are confirmed! Should be fun- see the shows page for details! We will add lists of what bands we're playing with etc. as we get the info!

Also, the show on Monday at Piano's got cancelled, if you were planning on coming! We got the artwork for the upcoming LP from Juan this weekend, it is INCREDIBLE! We have finished writing for the LP, it's going to be 17 or 18 songs. It will be recorded on June 4-5th. We are excited about it all, and to get out there and see everyone around the country!


Tonight we ride again at Sin-e again, it's Joanne's birthday party! Spent time this week trying to book the studio to record in and make sure we can get King up here to produce! Also, added another couple shows, including one with MIDNIGHT! Also, we may be opening for EYEHATEGOD which would rule! These will probably be the last shows we book before tour- Beverly and I are both graduating from school shortly and there's a lot to do before we split! In the meantime, just listening to Agnostic Front all the time!!


Last night at Local was one of the best shows we've gotten to play, two awesome bands from Ohio (Teeth of the Hydra & Dead Sea) and us, it was a blast! There's some pictures from it here right here! Mike Troubleman came out for a bit and plans for record the LP are being ironed out!

The tour dates for the June/July run are almost finalized and will probably get posted next week! Plus, we got a couple more local shows, so the way it looks we will have hit our goal of playing in NYC at least 40 times before leaving to play anywhere else! We got this thing fine tuned, now we're ready to take it to the streets nationwide!


Wow, we had our first band practice in a LONG time tonight at Funkadelic, and it KILLED!!! We have 4 new songs ready to play this weekend at our show which is Saturday night (NOT on Sunday as I had posted and been thinking for the last month!). So if ya come out you're going to hear something NEW!!!!! haha... until then, just listen to KREATOR all the time and go see them if they play in your town!!!!!!


What's the word? Well, we're playing tonight at Piano's which should be fun- I'm looking forward to the burger! Dan the man finally gave us the pix from CMJ last year- including the classic of Beverly with the bloody axe: click here for those. I put them on some free photo site I found which seems pretty handy, you can look at picture in different sizes, have slideshows, all kinds of stuff!

And we added a few more shows in NYC to play before we leave for the summer tours! Anna is ruling and setting up the first one right now, it looks like it's gonna be great! Mostly playing in smaller (better!) cities across the nation- with a few exceptions, which is gonna be great! We want to get out there and play for and meet people who are still hungry and passionate about music! The big city burnout is far too common at many shows we see and play, people with arms crossed and feet firmly planted, it isn't as much fun! Let loose, have a good time- you only live once!!!!


Good news! We managed to get back into a rehearsal room this weekend, and William (who is sporting a GREAT new moustache!) & I wrote a couple new rippers, finetuned a few works in progress, and we have close to enough material to get ready to record the album!!! As soon as Beverly is back from her trip to the homeland, we shall get this underway!

Also, I'd been meaning to do this for a while, but there's the stories behind the releases posted on here now. If you go to the "releases" section and click on the record covers- there's detailed info about recordings/art/all that stuff for the releases for those who are interested. Lastly, I just made a simple list of the different photo gallery pages that have been put up for us, since the links had kind of been scattered all around before.

We have a page up on myspace now too, with MP3's and such, so you can listen to some songs online if you want!!



We got added on this AMAZING show last minute, come out if you can! It's gonna destroy! RIISTETYT has never toured the US, and this killer 80's crusty punk band from Finland will probably not be back any time soon, so come see 'em!

03/18/2005 08:00 PM - Knitting Factory - Old Office
74 Leonard St, NYC, NY 10013, -

To What End?
Stockyard Stoics
Raise the Red Lantern
w/ Superstar DJ Sean Ragon


So yeah.... some news to report! We hope to be back in the swing of practicing/writing the rest of our LP by next week, and recording is being scheduled for May. The plan is to get King 'of metal' Fowley (from DECEASED and OCTOBER 31) to record us down in Virginia! This will be released on Mega Blade hopefully in time for us to hit the road with it this summer...

Not one, but two summer tours are in the works- so we are going to be getting out there to see ya'll across the nation! The first will be with GUNSFIREMAYHEM starting in mid-June for a month or so, and then in August we hope to be going out with COP ON FIRE and the FATAL FLYING GUILLOTINES!!

In other news, MOTLEY CRUE kicked ass at the Garden last week!! I think when Tommy was workin' the "fan cam" looking for chicks to flash their gear in the audience he may have passed by me in my BATTLETORN shirt and projected it on the big screen! No shit! What a break right!?!? Also, Beverly and I are gonna wreck our necks at MOTORHEAD this Saturday when we see them in Times Square! We live it... we love it!


Wow... that was a FUN last minute release party! Considering the idea was born on Sunday, we only promoted for 3 days, AND there was a blizzard of oz going on... last night was totally killer! Thanks to all who came out, all our friends and bands (VILLAINS, THE SHIT, TEAM ROBSPIERRE, CRIMSON SWEET), all the people who have helped out along the way, Pedro, Steve, Mike Troubleman, Dennis Megablade, and YOU- who braved the cold and snow to thrash with us... it meant a lot! A fist in the air to those who let loose and had fun, broke bottles and /or tables, smashed our brand new records in a fit of fury... rage on! We took NO pictures because we were busy partying, but if you did, send us one!!

We ran out of the ELECTRIC BIBLE RECORDS acetate single in about 10 minutes last night, but the label has a few left so email him fast if you want one of those, there was only 60 of them and it's not gonna be repressed! We got a bunch of the MEGA BLADE singles out there, so hope ya'll dig them!

In the meantime, some friends have actually come through and sent us some pix, some of these are OLD ones from when we played Don Hill's in like October that the 'world famous' SOHO fashion photographer Sioux Nesi took! She's shooting us soon for Vogue. Just kiddin! Beverly looks so fucking Crue in those with the tiger print shirt! And Battlebuddy gave us some killer "dirty" lookin pix from Pianos/ABC...and there's the one of William eating his Piano's meal... that shit was SOOOO good...anyways click here to check 'em out!



To celebrate the release of our first 2 singles, we are having a party with THE BEAST! Come out and hang with us, we'll have records available, plus we're going to be the first band to play live at this party at midnight!

DJ's will include: Pedro & Steve (whose party it is!), Omid & Beverly (Battletorn-ers), and Mike Troubleman (label kingpin!)
IT'S FREE, plus OPEN BAR with FREE beer and vodka from 10-12, what else can we offer!?! Doors at 10 PM. come out!

Thursday, Feb 24th

2 Bleeker Street - basement (across from CBGB)


So tonight is our one year anniversary gig, we're playing this party with COP ON FIRE and another band in Brooklyn. Should be fun as shit, it's our first basement show! Thanks so much to everyone for the support and great times/shows we've had over the past year, it's been a blast and hopefully there's much more to come!

Also, the MEGABLADE singles came in, I picked them up yesterday, and they look/sound awesome! I am sitting here listening to the first Carnivore record and gluing sleeves together for the ELECTRIC BIBLE singles too, so now we have TWO records that came out in a week! You can mailorder them from us or the labels, and also buy them from us at shows.


Totally ripping show last night with ARE Weapons, those guys are great! They have a real 'band' lineup now and are just very cool people, so we had a LOT of fun with them! It's going to be a cool BATTLETORN week, we have those 2 shows on Friday/Saturday too, so come out! Plus the "Peace Of The Grave" record covers are almost done and those 45s will be available shortly!


Here's some photos that Emily 'the cheerleader' snapped at ABC No Rio on Saturday, the first new pictures we've had in like 6 months or more... click here to check 'em out! Also, Beverly said that there may be a couple more bands added to the Valentines Day Massacre show, Cop On Fire and Cheeseburger may play!


Yeah, we got the tests for the MEGABLADE single in this week! sound and look great, so that was good news! We're playing on Valentine's Day with A.R.E. Weapons at a free show at Pianos! We're excited to play with them, it's been a LONG time coming! Plus it's our 30th show in NYC, so fucking come out and make love with your sweetie while we play the soundtrack to the war that will follow!!! !!! What else... well, things are good, so that's about IT!!!!!!!!!!

Also, don't know if this is a little late to be posting, but they put a little write up and picture of that Vice/Downtown for Democracy show we did on SPIN magazine's site, click here to check that out!


While lounging in a motel room in Vancouver the title for the first EP that is coming out on Electric Bible was decided... it shall be known as the "Peace Of The Grave" EP. Matt from Electric Bible Records got in the actates, so they will definitely be available soon! Here's a mock of what the cover will look like-

In other news, we got a show with A.R.E. Weapons, which is great- we've wanted to play with them for a while! It's also a FREE show, so that should make every one happy! It's on Monday, Feb 15th at Piano's. We still need a practice space, and we are trying to figure out if/how/when a tour with THOR can be arranged for the summer!! Ride hard, live free. Until then....


What's the latest... well, we have a few more shows lined up which is cool. All of them are in Feb- and one is with the mighty DISASSOCIATE!!! We hope to have the ELECTRIC BIBLE acetate 45 release he's doing for us in time for these shows, it should be on the streets by the one year anniversary of BATTLETORN at the show on Feb 18th! Street date for the MEGA BLADE release is set for March 8th!!

Besides all that, Beverly and I are going to Vancouver tomorrow to meet up with the mighty THOR!!! We're going to start working on the THOR book she's going to write for Outlaw Publications! FTW, this is gonna destroy everything!

We need some new freakin' pictures for the web site, can somebody please submit something? I don't even know if we have one picture since I cut my quaff off in October! I know people are always taking them, but somehow very few end up back with us.. and until we can afford our own professional photographer, it would be cool if ya'll could send some in! We'll give you credit!! Promise!!

See ya soon!!!!!!!!


We managed to get through the show last night, but due to the fact 2/3 of us are sick, we're not doing show this Sunday. No other shows until end of month. See you then, thanks!


We're playing our first show of the year at Lit on Thursday night at Stephan & Pete's birthday party. Come on out!!!


Yeah, so what's happened... well- we finally finished doing the artwork and submitting ALL the components for the 45 coming out on Megablade, so that's cool. Evidently according to the Troubleman site it will be out in March and he's making 300 of them. Here's a JPG of the cover art...

Besides that, we played one show last weekend, I guess it was December 17th at that Autonomous Space again, which was fun. And we're supposed to be playing on New Years Eve with BAD WIZARD, EARLY MAN, and THE WITNESSES at Delancey Bar. I don't think we're "listed" to play or anything, but I think we're gonna rip one final set to close out 2004.


Well, we lost our practice space! These gaywads we were renting from decided we were messy or some shit, I think it was all crap and they just wanted us out for some other reason! Whatever, we'll find a new joint! And also, the show with Early Man & Aqui we got booted off the bill, because the club said they could only have 2 bands. Why or when that would ever stop BATTLETORN from squeezing in our 8 minutes of love when nobody's looking is beyond me, but it wasn't my call so it ain't happening!

In the meantime, while I was in CA, I finally got the stuff set up with the Matt 'The Malibu Maniac' Holland for the acetate 45 release that we're doing on his label Electric Bible Records. This will contain the first sessions we recorded at Yohei's studios, along with our cover of HOLOCAUST's "Heavy Metal Mania" (edit) on the b-side! It will probably be released in an edition of 60, so yeah, it'll be kinda rare one day.


We got the acetate for the single, sounds great so we're moving forward with that! In the meantime, we don't have any shows booked, but may do a couple in December, we'll see. We're working on writing for the LP, which we have 16 or 17 songs for so far!


well, been a fun couple night, tonight's the last show (at Don Hill's) in our three shows in three days mini NYC tour! It's been a blast! Wednesday night at TRASH was great, and when I thought it couldn't get any more fun, last night at LIT totally ruled too! Thanks to Rich (the Shit) for setting up Wednesday, and to Pete (aka unprofessional) and Stefan ( aka lockdown) for the show last night!

It seems as if now we ARE on a show for Halloween night, the details are sketchy, but it appears as if we're playing with EARLY MAN, which will be a LOT of fun! Haven't gotten to do a real show with them yet, we played at the VICE democracy thing together but that wasn't a full set for them. It's at some place near Rothco or some shit, a haunted house in a theatre? Look at the message board, I'm going to post something on there.

In other hilarious news, I got handed a flyer last night at our show for a show that we are playing that I didn't know about! AND, it's next Saturday, which is the day we play with DRUGS OF FAITH at the Knitting Factory. But, we are going to do both, the new show is a late gig, a benefit, so yeah- we're doing our first double header!

Lino and I went to the mastering place and he did the etching for the b-side of our 45 yesterday, looks killer!


We're not doing a couple of the shows we'd planned on, so if anyone reads this and cares, take note! No Halloween show, and no November 2nd it seems! But last night with BAD WIZARD was fun!


So we have another two shows added it looks like, plus we're doing a sneak attack gypsy show this Saturday at an undisclosed location... so in the next 2 weeks we are playing 7 shows in NYC. Fuckin' nuts. But we love to play, so bring it on!

Dropped off the master for our MEGA BLADE 45 to the mastering place, so that's underway. And we're recording the HOLOCAUST cover of "Heavy Metal Mania" on Monday. It keeps on rollin...


So there's been an interesting development on the shows front, we're playing 4 nights in a row at different clubs in NYC between October 27-30! Almost like we're on tour in the city we live in! haha.. Come out to one or all and see us, hang out, talk shit, whatever!

Also, looks like we're going to do a 12" full length with MegaBlade next year too! First the single has to get finished and come out, and then we're going to write a few more and record for the 12"! Who knows how long that's going to end up being, but it will be a large piece of vinyl with probably 18-20 songs on it, so yeah!


wow... don't know where the months go! It's been a month since I posted any news, and um...what is there to report? well, we are still trying to get the material for our Mega-Blade single mastered so we can get that out. Last night at practice we also learned this cover by this killer NWOBHM band HOLOCAUST which we are recording for a NWOBHM tribute compilation coming out on Sleazey Records in Portugal. Actually, we didn't learn the whole song, just a 'section', because, well the whole song is like 4 minutes long, so we had to shorten it!

Also, we got a show on October 30th at Delancy bar which is cool, and we played this weekend again at the Knitting Factory. I think we're playing there in November again with Rich from Enemy Soil's new band DRUGS OF FAITH, which should rip!

as Napalm Death would say... The world keeps turning!!


So we sent the mix of our recording for the Mega-Blade single over to Troubleman Unlimited, and they dig it so this thing should come together very soon! We ended up doing it all ourselves, it's a 4 track recording William did with his mobile studio known as Thrash Sick. No other new shows or anything to report, so I guess it's over and out for now.


Wow... been a few weeks since this was updated! So yeah... what has happened... well, we recorded the two songs for the Troubleman/Megablade single, we're working on getting those mixed. We got a few more shows, check out the shows page for that info. And last- but not least, I got us a message board, so everyone can post their ramblings about Battletorn related stuff on here! Click on the link on the left over there if you're so inclined!

Also, don't know if this is a little late to be posting, but they put a little write up and picture of that Vice/Downtown for Democracy show we did on SPIN magazine's site, click here to check that out!

Lastly, Pat D. put up this page with pictures he took of us at Knitting Factory & Trash! Thanks Pat! click here for those. If anyone else out there ever took/has pictures of us from shows or whatever that you want to submit, please email me! We'd love to have contributors!


Yeah, so the show last night at the Knitting Factory was killer, Zad rules for hooking us up on that bill! It was fun playing with all those bands, and I think we're going to be playing there again with The Hidden Hand sometime soon.

But the next gig is next Friday - August 27th, at Tommy's Tavern in Greenpoint! Check out the show schedules for full details!


Some cool news to report! First, we got a killer show with a band that I don't know too well but Beverly loves- KYLESA. We're playing with them next week at the Knitting Factory, and also on the bill is a band ( I think they're from Sweden) called VICTIMS. It's been nearly a month since we played, and we're pumped! So please come check this one out, should be fun! As King Fowley would say "Support the scene!!!"

Also, last night we booked some recording time with Jay from Unearthly Trance to go and record our single for MEGA BLADE. This is a side label for Troubleman Unlimited, and will be run by one of my stunt doubles- Dennis! He's a ruler. So hopefully that will happen next week and we can get this 45 out in the near future!

Besides that, all is well. We are practicing, writing more songs, and always hanging out - ready to play anywhere, anytime. We almost got a gypsy style show last night at the Villains first gig, which was great! The first band didn't show up so we were gonna jump on with 10 minutes notice! But alas, it didn't work out. next time!

And lastly, I just have to say this- don't forget about DOKKEN! They are still out there on the road, and touring 25+ years later, and still KILLING it! I saw them on Long Island a few weeks back, and they were amazing! If they come to your town you owe it to yourself to see them! Support the old metal bands, they deserve it! And in the meantime, listen to their '86 classic "Under Lock And Key". I guarantee that the tune "The Hunter" will make you dance and play air guitar against your will!


Very interesting week....first off our show on Tuesday night at BB King's got cancelled because PRINCE decided he wanted to have a private party there that night! So we were told our show would be postponed!

Next we had a show Friday for the Downtown For Democracy which was fun, at a huge place in Greenpoint called Volume. MORTIS was there, and the MC for the show- so he introduced us, ears, nose and all! At this show we talked to Mike and Dennis from Troubleman Unlimited, who are doing another label that Dennis will head called MEGA BLADE. They offered us a contract to do a single with them, which is killer! These are great guys who do good work, so this will be a real honor to work with them!

The details of the contract are being worked out right now. They are giving us a bit of beef about wanting to record in Hawaii, and about coming up with the advance drug money we requested. Fuckin' ridiculous really. I mean all we asked was for $8,000 to get enough coke to get to the airport, and they start balking! So if this can be worked out we will do it, if not, we're walking! Get a band with smaller, less severe habits why don't you! haha...wink!

Also, we finally met up with EARLY MAN, really good guys! They played last night and though they were a little tipsy from their Ozzfest activities earlier, they were banging for metal! We are probably going to play a show together in August I believe.

We had recorded back in March I think it was, which is some material that we also wanted to do something with. Right now Matt from Electric Bible Records out in CA. is working on fixing that up, and we may do a limited acetate single run of that too! I hope it happens, it's a good recording (though Beverly thinks it's too clean!), and would be fun to see it surface!


We got a show tonight, kinda last minute that it got finalized I guess... but it's at this place Laila in Williamsburg with Ty's band, whose name escapes me. I guess I'll know it in a few hours after I see them!

Also, Pat D. gave me a link to some new photos, taken at TRASH on June 7th I think it was... so click here to see those pix!