It's been five years since I updated the site last eh!? Well, not a lot has happened in the Battletorn camp, really just three things. First was a 10th anniversary show in February of 2014 at Acheron in Brooklyn- both line-ups of the band performed in two separate sets. Then in Feburary of 2016 we also played another show at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, that was opening for Toilet Boys and was the three piece line-up with Beverly at the helm. Both shows were a blast, and there's been talk of doing more but you know how it goes- time will tell! If you want us to play somewhere, just write us and ask- if we get our expenses covered we'll play anywhere!

The only other Battletorn related news is that we are featured on the soundtrack of the movie "Green Room" that was released this year- it also has bands like Midnight, Corpus Rottus, and CCR on it! Our music didn't actually make it into the movie (that we can tell, it could be in the background somewhere), but we are on the soundtrack CD. The movie is great too, so check it out if you can!

Besides that, not much else to report! See you in five years!!!


So the limited colored vinyl repressing of "Reflect the Filth" is done and available now. There are 100 numbered copies, it's on a green splatter vinyl, and it's only $5 if you want one. Please send us an email for ordering instructions. Thanks!



Things are pretty quiet on the Battletorn front, but there is one release planned here in the near future.... there will be a small run of "Reflect the Filth" done on color vinyl (probably about 100 copies) sometime soon, so keep an eye out for it. We have some extra covers/inserts that have been sitting here so I want to put them out into circulation. I'm sure there will be some more shows in 2011 sometime, we'll post them when they happen. Later!


Yep, the train kept a rollin'! Going up to NYC for a visit and we're going to be playing a gig at Lit on 10/25 at "Precious Metal". Come out if you live up there! Not much else to report. Rock on!!!


It's been a while.... we're still around and a few interesting things happening- first is that we are in the new issue of MRR (issue #323 w/ the SPITS on the cover), so that's pretty cool- thanks to Dan for doing that interview and MRR for running it! Second, we got a gig up in Brooklyn on May 1st- it's at the Rock Star Bar and no word on who else is on the bill but we'll get that info at some point.

As far as what we still have available merch wise and stuff, I do have a few copies of the BATTLETORN and DOUBLE NEGATIVE split single here, and at some point we'll probably have some new "merch" shirts available. And there are still some CD copies of "Terminal Dawn" and other random stuff floating around, so drop a line if you want something.



A quick update, we are playing a NYC show at the end of October on the 26th at PUBLIC ASSEMBLY in Williamsburg- which we've never played before so should be fun! The trip to do the Canadian shows in October had to be postponed, so that will happen somewhere down the line.

And in the meantime- this place BEATCAST TV filmed us in London and posted the video on their site, it came out great! They did a multi track recording of the audio and it sounds better than we ever remember sounding that night, so cheers! There's a lot of other bands with videos on there including the band we toured the UK with THROATS, so check out their site when you get a min. Here's a link, click on the photo below to get there. Later!



So it's been a few months since the last update! Guess I should/could have announced our recent NYC shows on here, but didn't get around to it. We did three shows up in NYC last week, first one with TOXIC HOLOCAUST which was fun, we'd never gotten to play with Joel and the crew so we had a good time! We also played with our Brooklyn bro's ATTAKE and a killer new band called NATUR, look out for them! We did two more shows in that time too, and got to go see MOTORHEAD and DORO so it was a busy week of metal rendevous!

In other news, we are totally sold out of the "Reflect The Filth" LP! I think MATW might have sold out of theirs too, so you should contact CHALLENGE THE THRONE RECORDS or GRRMAN RECORDS if you want a copy. We have a few copies left of the split 45 with DOUBLE NEGATIVE, but those are almost gone too. Thanks to everyone who checked out those new and last releases, hope you dug them.

We might be doing some shows in NYC and possibly Canada at the end of October, that's being worked out now. Anyone know any promoters or bands who might want to set something in Europe? If so drop us a line, we are doing our touring to support the "Reflect The Filth" album this year and after that we won't be doing any more releases and live appearances will become more sporatic so if you know anyone who can hook it up let's rock!

Thanks and we'll see you soon!


The UK Tour with THROATS was a blast! We had such a good time with those guys, they're great musically and as people too, couldn't have asked for a better crew to roll with!! Got to play with some great bands too, thanks to everyone that was involved- especially Alex from HOLY ROAR RECORDS, Ben Fleck for driving, and Tesco's Supermarkets for having great food!

We got back to NYC and did a few shows there, and that's all that's planned for now. Some Canadian dates may happen later this year, we'll see. In the meantime the split with DOUBLE NEGATIVE is supposed to be out, we should have a few copies for sale through here for like $5 if you want one. Hope everyone had a good memorial day, we have been experiencing a bit of patriotism ourselves these days so here's a little something that might become a shirt someday!




So the "Reflect The Filth" album is out! It's limited to 500 numbered copies, in a cool reverse stock sleeve with a photo collage/lyric insert! Came out exactly as we wanted, so we're pleased with the end result! You can order it from any of the three labels who went did it as a joint release (see links below a couple entries ago), or you can get it from us for $10 plus s/h. As we'd mentioned this will be the last Battletorn new studio material released, so hope you dig it!

The split single with DOUBLE NEGATIVE on Volcom will also be out shortly- it features three songs from the "Reflect..." studio material sessions that aren't on the LP. It is only available through their "singles club" but we will be getting about 30 copies so you can also get that from us sometime soon- probably not until we get back from the UK tour. The final dates for that are below, it came out nicely, we're very excited to get over there and play these shows with THROATS!!

All shows with the mighty THROATS!

May 10 - Leeds: Student Hall
May 11 - Middlesbrough: Uncle Alberts w/ Drunk in Hell and Annihilist
May 12 - Glasgow: Sneaky Pete's w/ TBA
May 13 - Sheffield: The Stockroom w/ TBA
M ay 14 - Nottingham: Old Angel w/ TBA
May 15 - London: Purple Turtle w/Shapes and The James Cleaver Quintet
May 16 - Brighton Great Escape Festiva:l w/Ghost of a Thousand and Youves
May 17 - Birmingham: The Old Wharf w/TBA

And when we get back from the UK we are playing a couple NYC shows

May 20 - Bodega - Brooklyn, NY w/ VERMEFUG, PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER, more
May 21 - Rock Star Bar- Brooklyn, NY w/ POLLUTION and more.

See you out on the road!



William is coming down for a week to practice for the UK tour and hang, so we're going to play the following shows this week!

March 24th (Tuesday)- Foo Bar, Nashville, TN w/ SYMPTOMS at the POUNDING METAL night we do at this bar! 9 pm start and it's free!
March 26th (Thurs)- Little Hamilton, Nashville, TN w/ SYMPTOMS, DESKONDITOS, and SACRED SHOCK - 7pm start (has to be over by 11pm) it costs $5
March 27th (Fri)- House Show, Chattanooga, TN w/ SYMPTOMS, and more!
March 29th (Sun) - Springwater, Nashville, TN w/ THE MATTOID, MONSTERS ON TELEVISION, more - 10 pm $5

The final details for the UK tour have come in too, will post those shortly! Also, the "Reflect the Filth" LP is all in the hands of the pressing plant now, so hope to have those back and assembled in a few weeks. And same with the split 45 with DOUBLE NEGATIVE, art and all has been finalized and is in Volcom's hands, so should be out soon!


So the UK tour is almost totally booked, but this is what we have so far, all the dates are with THROATS and I'll post other bands on the bills as we get them! The show at the GREAT ESCAPE FESTIVAL is great- we're pumped that HOLY ROAR got a stage at that fest and put us on it, big thanks to Alex!


May 11 - Middlesbrough, Sumos
May 12 - Glasgow, Captains rest
May 13 - Sheffield, Stockroom
May 14 - Nottingham - venue TBA
May 15 - London - venue TBA
May 16 - Brighton, Great Escape Festival
May 17 - Birmingham, venue TBA

And the other shows coming up before that tour are as follows:

March 26th- Little Hamilton, Nashville, TN w/ SYMPTOMS, LIFE TRAP, more
March 27th - House Show, Chattanooga, TN w/ SYMPTOMS, LIFE TRAP, more

and there may be a few other TN shows added in there if we can book them! stay tuned!



Wow, six months to the day since the last update! Yeah, a lot went down in the last 6 months and it affected my ability to update this site since I didn't have internet on my computer and was living a somewhat vagabondish existence- but that's all in the past now! It definitely didn't slow down the Battletorn thrashing machine- we got together in October for a week of practice again and to flush out the new material, and played a show the night before Halloween!

So after all was set musically, we got things set with the label.... which became labels! Mad At The World is and has been 'our label' for the last 3+ years, they've treated us right- we're loyal to them and them to us. But there have been other labels who have approached us to do singles or things that sounded interesting and seemed like good folks to work with- so we had an idea. Instead of taking the new material and splitting it up into some different singles and releases, we just got three labels to go in on putting out an LP together!

The three labels are as follows: MAD AT THE WORLD (NYC/Montreal), GRRRMAN RECORDS (Birmingham, UK), and CHALLENGE THE THRONE (Montalvo, CA)., you can click on any of their names above to check out their sites or pre-order the LP. It will be an edition of 500 on LP only divided among the labels, so hopefully people in all parts of the world will have easy access! That's the idea anyway!!

The LP is titled "Reflect The Filth", a nod to everything that is and ever was Battletorn! It has 8 new studio tracks on side one, and the b-side is a soundboard recording of our show from the last night in Tokyo! It was probably the longest set we ever played, clocking in at 15 minutes! Cover art is by our buddy Rob Cantu from TX who has done many of our T-shirt designs over the years.

The new studio material was recorded over the xmess holidays in NYC with Colin Marston (again! he rules!). It has been mastered and plated, I am waiting for the plates to arrive and then the test pressings will get done and LP will hopefully be out by early April. We also wrote/recorded 3 songs in the same session that are coming out on a split with a band we love, DOUBLE NEGATIVE! That release will be on Volcom Entertainment's singles club.

Next up in big news category: in conjuntion with Holy Roar Records, Curtis from Grrman has helped to arrange a Battletorn tour of the UK in May! We're very excited to be going back, and are touring with a great band called THROATS , check them out too- they're ripping! It seems like a great match, and we're pumped on the whole thing! I will post dates and more info as I have it.

Wait, there's even MORE! William is coming down to TN at the end of March to hang and practice for going to England and we're going to make our TN debut! We're psyched, going to get to play Nashville, Chattanooga, and maybe Knoxville with our buds SYMPTOMS and LIFE TRAP, two great Nashville bands.

And the last note is this: the "Reflect The Filth" LP will be the last recorded output by Battletorn. After 5 years of tearing it up, we talked on the subway train ride home from the studio in December and decided to make it the last. We still plan to tour to support it, and will play live shows as we can in the future, but as far as recording this was it. We've put out a body of work we're very proud of: 3 LPs, 3 singles, a few CDs, splits, cassettes and other stuff, so yeah- it's a good bookend to all that!

OK, I guess that's enough ramblin'..... so there you have it. The last six months of Battletorn activities in one shot! Will make sure to update this page more frequenty now that I'm back on line and all that!

Since it was getting a little cluttered on this main page having all the news updates from 2004-present in one place, I put the old news on it's own page over here. So for news from 2004-2008 you can click on the link below! Thanks!