Battletorn releases to date:

Click on images for full details about each release (for those that have details!).

I had gotten behind on updating this, so have finally put the "Reflect The Filth" and other new releases on here, but still need to put pressing info and stories behind the last couple releases. In time!


1-sided 45 (b-side etched)

Mega Blade Records 2005

"Peace Of The Grave" E.P.
8 song acetate 45
Limited to 60 w/ hand made & #'ed sleeves
Electric Bible Records 2005


"Wild Blind & Screaming" 2005 Tour CD
200 copies
self released, no label

"Evil Chains" LP/CD
Mega Blade

Mega Blade Records 2005


"Burn Fast" 45
Mad At The World

Mad At The World Records 2006


"Burn Fast" UK Tour CD
100 copies
self released, no label


"Terminal Dawn" LP
Mad At The World

Mad At The World Records 2007



"Terminal Dawn" + "Burn Fast" CD
Mad At The World

Mad At The World Records 2008



"Reflect The Filth" LP
(Joint release by these three labels)
Mad At The World

Mad At The World Records 2009

Challenge The Throne
Chalenge The Throne 2009

Grrman Records
Grrman Records 2009




"UK Thrash War 2006: Battletorn vs. Kamikazee" split cassette
6 song split tour cassette
Feast of Tentacles Records
Feast of Tentacles Records 2006



"No Mercy Attack!" Split Tour 45 w/ MGT
Outlaw Recordings
Outlaw Recordings2008



"Split with DOUBLE NEGATIVE" 45
Volcom Entertainment

Volcom Entertainment 2009

Compilations/video/misc stuff:



“Vice CD/DVD: Presented by TLA Releasing” #7 - Volume 12 Number 7
Vice Records
, released in Fall 2005
A promotional CD/DVD package from Vice Magazine


A compilation DVD
self released by Jason Cosco

“Punk under the covers” covers CDR comp
No label
, released in 2006
28 songs, 21 bands/artists, 7 countries

“Pocketful of Change” #4
Pocketful Of Change Records
, released in 2006
A CD compilation that came with a magazine of same title.

"The rest..."
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