On this page we'll keep photos of all the goodies from the path... the flyers/posters/shirts/whatever.

Here's a collection of the flyers and paper scraps that have been created along the way...

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This is a gallery of all the shirts from the different times/tours/etc:

The first shirt was just a plain logo on different color tees- I bought about 10 different colors at the 99 cent store and screened them- there was red, blue, green, yellow, and many more... here's the only two I kept.


This is the "Wild, Blind, and Screaming" US tour shirt from Summer 2005 featuring artwork by Brendan Donnely that we made, most were on black with the option of being made sleeveless at time of purchase/acquisition (we had scissors at the merch table!). The black one is what we sold on the road, the one on the bottom was the navy blue one I wore every day of the tour- sleeveless of course.

The infamous "Weekend of Terror" shirt that Orin and I designed last minute, he did the front, I laid out the back and went and sceened them the day before we did this weekend together! The one I have left is sleeveless, for a good reason!

This was the "British Chains" Spring 2006 tour shirt, with artwork by William on it!

This shirt was for the "Burnin' Down South" tour from Summer 2006 with killer art by our friend Rob Cantu from Texas. Most were on black but I bought one red shirt from the Bargain Hunter store on the corner for 99 cents and made a red sleeveless one too- which again got worn every day of the tour!

This is the "1000 Minutes of Thrash" shirt we made to commemorate the 100th Battletorn show which we played in Boston on 10/28/06! The art on the front is by William again, and on the back is a list of every show we'd played!